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Setbacks and Litigation

The Official Xentex Story

Subterfuge and Betrayal:

Xentex was a bright spot in the world of technolgoy for one simple reason - it represented a choice and an alternative to the boring beige world of PC's. The sameness of both laptop and desktop from all of the other OEM manufacturers was tiresome at best. Every other computer manufacturer (as is still true today), was/is caught up in making money not innovation. That is why you see laptops, desktops, tablets and smartphones that are all the same form factor as each other. In other words, a laptop is a clamsell design no matter if Apple makes it or it is made by Dell. The same is true for the rectagular tablets and smartphone's, all of which are just mere variations of the rectangular shape, from one manufacturer to the other.

Xentex viewed technology differently. It's founder, Jeffrey A. Batio, realized that technology is not about compromises, but is always about solutions. The problem he sought to answer was simple; If we are all using all of these various devices to do some form of either work, play, learn and/or communicate...then why not create one ultimate and transforming device that gives you all of the benefits of the mobility of the laptop when traveling, coupled with the massive performance gains of a large dual-display desktop.

The dual screens provide a massive 21" of screen real estate (even most desktop monitors were nowhere near as big as at the time) and are oriented in a dual portrait array, to maximize productivity. This is true, since you would not have to scroll to read a whole page of text. Furthermore, the ability to rotate the right panel for presentations and interactivity with someone sitting across from you was unprecedented. The Voyager also included a large full desktop-size keyboard and dual expansion bays for hot-swappable access to extra batteries and optical drives. This flexibility allowed you to tailor your Flip-Pad Voyager to your usage mode. It also featured a very large main system battery for all day use.

This feature set added up to a revolutionary step forward in computing. The Voyager effectively represented a large multi-display graphics workstation that instead of being deskbound, could fold up and travel with you wherever you are going and no matter what you are trying to do.

Xentex had plans to eventually make three different sizes of the patented Fip-Pad quad-fold architecture, the largest being the Voyager. There were also plans for a mid-sized model that would travel the size of a small laptop but open to give you a much larger work area. The vision also included a hand-held version, internally known as the 'Stealth.' If the Voyager was way ahead of its time and it was, then the Stealth represented a quantum leap forward in mobile computing.

All told, Xentex had at its disposal, a blueprint for the future of computing. Unfortunately for the world, its dreams and vision were cut short by one word...GREED! This toxic and destructive emotion drove the new CEO and son of the founder of KDS (Xentex's contract manufacturer), Jung Koh to lead their company from fastest growing company of the Korean stock echange for the prior 10 consecutive years, to ruin resulting in the confiscation of all of Xentex's Voyagers then readying for shipment.

Greed simultaneously also drove several Xentex board Members to conspire with a few of Xentex's investors (and the entities they controlled TMB and Xen Investors), Mathieu Reyna and Thomas Spellman to initiate a seemingly never ending barrage of fraudulent and contrived legal assaults in an attempt to seize control of the company. Xentex fought tirelessly and proved themselves innocent of all alegations but the legal battles cost the company dearly.

During the course of this litigation, Mathieu Reyna and Tom Spellman were charged with trying to fraudulently sell Xentex stock, in order to finance their attempted corporate takeover and stipulated to a severe sanctioning by the SEC for these transgressions of the law.

They were not so lucky with their illegal financing and money laundering efforts they undertook during the 2002-2004 timeframe, we later learned they were conducting in order to finance their barrage of legal assaults. The IRS found them both guilty in 2011 of money laundering in which they claimed the source of their funds were from the illegal sale of drugs. We at Xentex have come to realize that this is how they were able to afford to keep paying for over 4 different litgious claims in several states, in order to falesely deprive Xentex and its righful shareholders of their assets.

One such scheme was uncovered by James Hickey, a stock broker friendly to Xentex, who was contacted by Mateiu Reyna via telephone who attempted to get Mr. Hickey to conspire with him and Spellman. During the conversation, Reyna laid bare his scheme to Mr. Hickey and outlined their plot to seize Xentex's assets. They went so far as to make allegations of violence towards those that would aid Batio and Xentex.

In fact on several occassions, Thomas Spellman made several personal visits to Hickey's home in order to 'convince' him to aid them in their guile. Mr. Hickey being concerned for his safety and that of his family, recorded a phone conversation, ( as a licensed stock broker he was within his legal rights to record the conversation), wherein he played along with Reyna to find out what they had in mind.

During this time, Mr. Hickey was heroically able not only able to alert Xentex and Batio to their skullduggery, but was also able to uncover a plot by a Xentex Board Member, (who held lien rights to the Xentex Patents), who was planning to conduct a secret UCC sale of Xentex's assets to an entity owned by Reyna and Spellman. The plan was that they would then divide up the company amongst themselves.

At the same time, Xentex was also working tirelessly to bring the Voyager to life. One of the things that Xentex undertook was the filing of a lawsuit by Xentex against Reyna, Spellman and the rest of their group in order to bring justice to the situation. Irronically Reyna and his associates started turning on eachother when their plans started to go awry

Those activities are detailed in the following pages and includes the true story of what really happened to the bright and promising future that Xentex had planned.