I would prefer even to fail with honor than win by cheating.

-- Sophocles --

the Genesis of the idea

Jeff Batio envisioned creating a computer with the best characteristics of both a multi-display desktop (large work area) and a laptop (mobility), while working late one night on one of his real estate projects (on his old laptop). His eyes were strained becuase of the small laptop sceen and his hands were cramping due to the small, non-ergonomic laptop keyboard. To remedy the situation, he hefted his large (then CRT) 20" monitor over to where he was working and plugged it into his laptop. He also grabbed and connected the larger keyboard and mouse from his desktop as well.

After several hours, he completed his work yet was completely frustrated. Next, he closed his laptop screen and folded up the blueprints he was referencing and at that moment had a revelation that would forever change his life and the trajectory of computing! At that moment, a revolutionary idea came into his mind; a desktop the size of a laptop when folded and the size of a dual-display workstation when unfolded. He immediately took it upon himself to craft the concept in his workshop - and the Flip-Pad was born!

Flip-Pad Development

Mr. Batio then set about making this dream a reality. He took his wood model and his documentation and headed to a patent attorney to begin the journey from idea stage to reality.

After filing several patent applications with the US Patent Office, Mr. Batio began studying everything he could get his hands on about the computer industry. He also realized that it takes money to make this dream live, so he sold his real estate holdings for the initial startup capital. Mr. Batio then assembled a team to help launch the company and began to seek out design firms for the development of the technology. After much research, Batio settled upon Frogdesign Inc., a world-class product development company, to develop and engineer the Flip-Pad. Three short years from idea to reality and the Flip-Pad was born.

As a result of these efforts, the Flip-Pad was ultimately featured in worldwide publications, ranging from the cover of PC Magazine, to Forbes, Gizmo (Australia), The Mirror (Great Britain), CLEAR Net (New Zealand), Nikkei Trendy (Japan), ZD-Net (Germany), PROext.com (Russia) and many other foreign and domestic magazines, online publications and media.

Mr. Batio had done what many had deemed impossible, he created a brand new form of computing that required incredible amounts of engineering and custom components. He negotiated with industry giants such as LG Phillips, Samsung and many more in order to realize this creative technology and in doing so, took his idea from concept to reality and to the top the media charts with his invention...all in three short years.

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Litigation Aftermath

As is chronicled elsewhere on this site, due to the success of the Flip-Pad, there were those that greedily sought to make the technology their own without any regard for anything except their own gain. As a result of this plot, the perpetrators relentlessly sued the company in order to force the company into submission and abscond with the company's very valuable technology.

In the aftermath of this assualt on Xentex, all of which ultimately failed (but caused the company to have to close down), there were of course legal documents that have been picked up by a web-based legal document provider known as www.findacase.com.

Thus, when one does an internet search for Jeff Batio's name, you come across a listing on Find-A-Case.com that is included in his search results. While it is true that Jeffrey Batio was Chairman and CEO of Xentex Technologies, Inc., he was not a party to this frivolous suit that was eventually settled/dismissed. As you can see by clicking here: (Case Summary), Jeff Batio is not listed as Defendant in this matter.

If you take the time to read the detailed events that unfolded during the Xentex years, you will learn that there were some very unscrupulous individuals that sought to undermine Xentex and it's technology and patents for their own selfish and greedy gain. These individuals have since been brought to justice and have been sentenced to time in a federal penitentary for crimes related to their illegal financing of their onerous legal assualts on Xentex.

"I was not a party to this frivolous lawsuit."

-- Jeffrey A Batio Founder & Former Xentex CEO

Anyways, we fought back hard and with justice and truth on our side, we ultimately prevailed in all matters and proved that it was in fact they, that were guilty of wrong-doing.

In the end, several of these individuals ended up in jail for activities related to their "creative" financing tecniques they employed to finance their meritless and self-serving litigous efforts.