About Xentex and the Flip-Pad

In 2001, the Xentex Flip-Pad Voyager took the computing world by storm! It was featured on the cover of PC Magazine and was covered in virtually every major computer industry trade press worldwide. It was also nominated by PC Magazine, as laptop of the year at the 2002 COMDEX tradeshow against Toshiba and IBM. The Voyager was even featured in Playboy that year as up and coming technology.

Despite the incredible vision and leap forward that the Flip-Pad presented, (being the world's first transforming, dual-portrait display, laptop, tablet hybrid)...the fates would not be kind to Xentex or its revolutionary technology.

KDS, (the Korean contract manufacturer hired by Xentex to produce its technology), would soon file for bankruptcy with no notice to Xentex management. The Korean government was now holding the keys to the factory that held hundreds of Flip-Pad Voyagers that were ready for shipment. In addition to that, several of Xentex's investors, driven by malicious greed would soon initiate a hostile takeover of the company and its assets in a futile attempt to seize control of Xentex

Despite all of these setbacks, Xentex, driven by the tireless efforts of Founder and CEO Jeff Batio, forged ahead and was able to gain control of the majority of its assets held in limbo in Korea. Soon, Xentex had a contract with Flextronics to build its products in the USA. Xentex had provided the necessary funds to complete its first production run with Flextronics.

Unfortunately due to the greed and avarice of the would-be corporate raiders, led by Mathieu Reyna and Thomas Spellman (both who would later be sent to prison for their illegal activities), continued to force Xentex to dissipate its remaining cash reserves to fight the vexatious litigation that they continued to barrage the company with.

Sadly in early 2003, Xentex could no longer simultaneously finance the litigation expenses and continue the efforts to build the Voyager and was forced to sell the patents and intellectual property and closed its doors forever...However, that is far from the end of the story!

though Xentex is gone...
long live the Flip-Pad!